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What we do

Obviously academics are important, but life is so much more than math tests and spelling quizzes...

So in addition to being the only fully inclusive Microschool in Arizona, and to the multiple multi sensory resources and curriculums for reading skills english - math - science history - social studies - technology - physics - geography - economics languages...

We offer...
Nature in the city!
No mandatory Homework!
Fun - Hands on Learning
Morning Family Breakfast at drop off.
Bring your own, or purchase from the BFA Cafe.
Daily PE
Yoga and Meditation (it really works for kids too)
Extended Recess
Music and Art
Home Economics

Maker/Tinker Lab
After school programs and clubs.

Flexible Schedules
Learning environment condusive to all learning styles.
One school that can work for all of your kids = less stress.
Mastery Learning with
PLUMS & Autonomous Learning
Multi-age setting
No Standardized Testing
Bully Free - Family Friendly Environment
Time Management Skills
Cogntive Skills Enhancement
Bal-a-vis-x :-)
Outdoor Playground!
Miss our indoor playground? We do too!
A new indoor playground is coming next year!

We create custom programs to fit our current students interests. Combining with the thousands of families in the homeschooling community, means access more kids with similar interests to join in.

What does this mean for you?

Less stress... happier kids... kids that actually want to go to school.

More info on Mastery Learning


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Proud to be a practicing
BAL-A-VIS-X School


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in comparison

America's No Child Left Behind:
Lost Decade Report


"Our deepest fear is not..."
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