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As a new school with a unique approach to education, we are always on the look out for new talent to share with our students!

Teaching Staff:
We are always on the lookout for the next Ms. Frizzle or Teacher Suzie! If you feel you have what it takes to
keep a wide range of students engaged in a lesson on just about anything... if you wish you could have
more freedom with your class to do what you and your students want to do and learn about, you may be the
teacher we are looking for. Certified Special Education teachers are encouraged to check us out. You will love this job, and
we would love to see your skills and look forward to implementing new ideas. We look forward to changing the world with you, one child at a time.
Call 623-242-1682 to set up an interview!

Professional Mentors:
Our students would love to hear about your career. Are you borderline obsessed with your work. Love waking up
every morning and can't wait to get started? Our students would love to hear about what makes your
career so amazing. Your involvement can stop there, or you could go on further and mentor students in your
chosen career field. Call 623-242-1682 to discuss ideas on what you would like to share!

Volunteer Talent:
Do you have a talent or a skill set you would love to share with children. From knitting to calligraphy
football to origami, martial arts, yoga, math, history, drawing, music or?? Whatever your passion is, if
you are willing to share it with our students, we would love to hear from you.
Call 623-242-1682 to talk about your talents and how you would like to share them with students!

Administration and Fundraising Staff:
The foundation of any great school is the administration. They keep things running smoothly, allowing education
to be the main focus. If you are incredibly talented, self motivated, meticulously detail oriented, and creative
in your problem solving skills, AND really enjoy having fun at work while making a positive difference in people's lives, we may have an incredible opportunity waiting just for you.
Call 623-242-1682 to set up an interview!

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