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It is... nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate little plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom; without this it goes to wreak and ruin. It is a very grave mistake to think that the enjoyment of seeing and searching can be promoted by means of coercion and a sense of duty. - Einstein

“THE BRAIN is the only container that has this characteristic: The more you put into it the more it will hold.”— Glenn Doman



Our goal is to provide all of our students with a well rounded education with both "old school" and state of the art support programs.

At Brite Future Academy, we believe a multisensory approach works best for most students. By allowing the students to choose the tools that work best for them, they explore the best way to absorb the most information.

Just a few of the resources and curriculum available for your children are:

Apple App Ipads (you are welcome to BYO devices)

Bal-a-vis-x - series of Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises done with sand-filled bags and racquetballs, sometimes while standing on a balance board. BAVX requires focused attention, demands cooperation, promotes self-challenge, and fosters peer teaching. It is school friendly and just plain fun. It helps kids think better - read better - and anyone can do it from age 1 to 110+, no matter the challenge.

Handwriting Without Tears

Math U See - Math·U·See provides a firm foundation in mathematics for students of all aptitudes. The mastery-based approach allows students to move at their own pace whether they are naturally gifted in mathematics, struggle with mathematical concepts, or have special needs.

Touch Math

Singapore Math

Doman Math - Doman's Dot Method

Hooked on Math

Cuisenaire Math Manipulatives

TrailBlazers Math -Math Trailblazers is based on the belief that children learn best when engaged in problem-solving exercises that use real-world contexts to help students make sense of mathematics

Audi Blox is a multisensory brain-training program that enables learners to overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential. Adapted for gifted to learning challenges, and is applicable for all age groups.

Digi Block teaches concepts, rather than memorization. In the end, kids truly learn and math becomes fun!

Montessori Math Concepts

Pop Up Teacher - Software developed to enable students to not only meet the State Core Standards but also exceed those expectations by the of type questions prepared. Repetition and our clear-cut method, simply the interruption of an operating system and the return to the operating system upon a correct answer will ensure this happens.

Brain Pop BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. It is fun and engaging for students and adults.

EyeQ Advantage - The eyeQ program was developed in Japan over the past 30 years by Dr. Akihiro Kawamura. Through extensive research and testing, he found that we can significantly increase our brain’s learning and processing ability through a series of high-speed imaging exercises which utilize both graphics and text. EyeQ helps people exercise their brain, enhancing all mental activities.

Brainetics - Brainetics is much more than just a math program. Brainetics actually teaches your brain to store and memorize all the relevant information while ignoring the unnecessary information allowing your brain to work more efficiently. Giving your child the skills and advantage in every subject, test, and class throughout school, college and beyond.

Khan Academy - With a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 240 practice exercises, we're on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace

Ed Heads One very cool, though very graphic site sponsored by Ohio State Medical Center. If you have an interest in medicine and unique surgeries, this is a step by step animated version of several medical procedures. There are a few engineering projects as well, like the design process of creating a new cell phone for a specific customer type.

PBS Kids - Learning games, videos and tools to help your child prepare and succeed in school.

Speech EZ

Readeez - Readeez are a new way to learn reading, math, ESL, spelling and other useful things. A Readeez is a short video, usually musical, where you see and hear every syllable at the same time.

ABC Mouse

Starfall A systematic phonics approach, in conjunction with phonemic awareness practice that is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, homeschool, and English language development (ELD, ELL, ESL).

VISTAR - Vision Tracking and Remediation. (Read More about Vision Issues and their effect on your kids learning and behavior, and yours.)
Eye Fitness exercises help improve eye tracking, teaming, and focused attention, thereby affecting classroom study, homework, and test-taking skills. Assessing eye fitness helps detect hidden vision problems that can manifest in negative behavior, low esteem, and poor school performance.

Saxon Phonics and Spelling K-3

Hooked on Phonics

Rocket Phonics

Hooked on Handwriting

Doman Reading
Your Baby/Child Can Read
Your Child Can Discover
Sight Word Games

Brain Gym - Enhanced learning through movement

Dozens of Science Resources including Harcourt Science, Foss & Magic School Bus

History - Social Studies - Physics - Astronomy


We also offer:

Daily recess and PE - (Why is this important?)
Languages - Online and personal instruction.

Problem Solving/Social Skills: Children will be provided the skills to solve social problems in a healthy and productive manner by utilizing role playing and social stories. With assistance children will be able to identify difficult situation, analyze the situation and formulate plans to solve the problem. Children will learn positive behaviors such as expressing their feelings to others in an appropriate manner and developing empathy for others. Children will also be assisted in developing their social skills, communication skill, play skills and self-monitoring skills through playing. Students will be divided into groups depending on age however they will also have the opportunity to participate in a problem solving class with all ages.

Pen Pals:  Students will have the opportunity to shed a little light into the hearts of students around the world and/or deployed soldiers using their own creativity. Students will be able to write letters, draw pictures and make craft for their pen pals and soldiers. Students will also have the option to communicate with soldiers through emails as soldiers have easy access to email.

Media Class: Media class will be held twice a week because students will be covering a lot of different material. We will be working with digital and film photography learning different techniques and developing processes. In digital photography students will also be exposed to different techniques of editing photos on the computer. Students will also be able to participate in the scripting, producing and editing of short films.

BRITE Society: We will be discovering and exploring different forms of world governments and what makes them unique. Time will be spent on our own government covering our Constitution and Bill of Rights. During government classes students will participate in creating their own micro societies and discovering what does and does not work. We will be conducting mock trails and problem solving for current issues, such as environmental issues, and how those problems can be fixed by implementing new laws. And discovering new paths to world peace with John Hunter's The World Peace Game.

Debate/Public Speaking:  In debate students will assist in picking topics of interest for them to debate and educate fellow students on. Students will be using techniques taught during public speaking to address their debate topic. Students will be taught how to properly research a topic using search engines, library resources and interviews to gather information and form a proper debate.

Myths and Legends: Myths and legends will cover the historical facts behind the world wide legends of fairies, dragons, fairy tales and magic. Each week students will participate in selecting a new myth or legend for us to focus on to determine why that myth or legend has been so long lasting and important to our society and societies across the world.

BFA Beacon: A staff and student run newsletter that will be posted monthly online and available in print. The Beacon will cover important topics relating to school, our community and beyond.

BFA Beacon Yearbook: A student developed book that summarizes our best memories of the year in photos and shares them with our families. All of our students and homeschool families are welcome to join and be a part of the yearbook.

Speech EZ Program
IPad learning tools
Computer Labs

Cognitive Skill Building:
Auditory Processing
Visual Processing
Attention Skills
Executive Funtion and Planning
Memory Building skills
Visuospatial skills
Problem Solving
Social Skill Building

Character Education
Basic Manners and Etiquette
Money Management, Economics and Real Estate
Business Development & Management
Healthy Menus- Eating - Living
FlyLady - Life Management Skills

Maker/Tinker Lab

Run Club - When the weather cools off.
Horseback riding, and animal care.
Martial Arts

And last but not least... the Programs we are most proud of:
The ones the students have yet to think up!!





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