Student Tuition Organizations - STOs

Arizona is one of the few states to offer this amazing program. Any individual or corporation in

Arizona, that pays Arizona taxes, is eligible to donate funds for a dollar for dollar tax credit.
What does that mean for you? Scholarship funds are available to be used to place your child in a Private School setting, like Brite Future Academy at reduced or even NO cost to you.

Each STO has their own set of rules, application dates, and even offer different programs.

Below is a list of STO groups that you are invited to apply for scholarship funds.

We currently have scholarship funds available for BFA at:

Arizona Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Arizona Education Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 480-478-0624

AAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 888-707-2465

Arizona Private Education Scholarship Fund, Inc. 480-699-8911

Arizona School Choice Trust 623-414-3429

Arizona Tuition Connection 480-409-4106

Arizona Tuition Organization 602-295-3033

Institute for Better Education 520-512-5438

Just Friends of Education, Inc 602-318-7477

Tuition Organization for Private Schools 480-411-8677


Overflow/PLUS Tax Credit Scholarship

The newly-created PLUS tax credit is specifically intended to bridge the gap for children who have had difficulty accessing a tax-credit scholarship. For that reason, existing scholarship recipients are not eligible for a PLUS scholarship. Eligible children include:

  1. Dependents of active duty military members on orders in Arizona Students who were in public school for at least 90 days of the prior academic year and are switchingto private – or – children entering kindergarten.
  2. Students in a qualified private Kindergarten program
  3. Students with disabilities (IEPs or 504) who attended a public or private pre-school that offers services for disabilities.
  4. Students must have attended for at least 90 days of the prior academic year.
  5. Students who received a scholarship from either of the private school tax credit Corporate programs (Standard or the Disabled / Displaced)
Going forward – students who entered this scholarship program based on one of the criteria listed above, may continue to receive scholarships from the PLUS program

Displaced/Disabled Corporate Tax Credit
Not all STOs participate in this program

More info from AZDOR - (WebSite)

To qualify for a scholarship under the disabled/displaced corporate tax credit, the student must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 plan from an Arizona public school (can be current or expired), or was at one point placed in the Arizona foster care system AND to whom any of the following apply:

Attended a public school as a full-time student for at least 90 days of the prior fiscal year or one full semester and then transferred from the public school to a private school.
Is enrolling in a private school kindergarten.
Is enrolling in a private preschool program for students with disabilities.
Is a dependent of a member of the armed forces of the United States who is stationed in Arizona pursuant to military orders.
Received a scholarship in the 2008/2009 academic year from the Arizona Department of Education.
Qualified for a scholarship under one of the above criteria if the child continued to attend a private school in subsequent years. There are no income or scholarship restrictions for qualified students.

More info on these tax credits from AZ Dept of Revenue (WebSite)

Empowerment Scholarship Account

This program is different from a traditional STO.
Application dates have passed for the 2013-14 School year. Your child will need to be enrolled in a public or charter school for the first 100 days of the 13-14 school year to be eligible for the 14-15 school year. Enrollment in an online charter like K-12 is acceptable.

Talk to us about options.

The ESA is an account established to provide an education for qualified disabled and non-disabled students. The programs’ main purpose is to provide options for parents to freely choose how and where to educate their children with financial assistance from the state.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Attended public school full-time for the first 100 days during the prior school year.
  2. Be identified in one of the approved student populations.
    1. A child with a disability
    2. A child of an active duty member of the military
    3. A child who is a ward of the juvenile court and is residing in perspective permanent
    4. placement foster care
    5. A child who is a ward of the juvenile court and who achieved permanency through
    6. adoption
    7. A Child who attended a letter grade “D” or “F” public school the prior school year
    8. Received a scholarship from a Student Tuition Organization (STO) that receives contributions to provide scholarships to students with disabilities
For more information on each of these qualifications, please visit the ESA website (WebSite)


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